Flats (Lows)

-Waves of random emotions from small things not going as planned, to financial stuff, to matters of the heart. What the heck. 28-8-14
-Waiting on the bus over 40 minutes just to get through the traffic jam to get out of the taxi park to start what should only be a two hour ride that was three plus hours. 22-8-14

- Walking into the medical clinic after the news that a young baby could not be revived after falling into a pool. Sad to see the mom as well has her employer’s in pain but thankful I was lead to pray with them. 17 August 14

- making a dentist appointment only to wait an hour and 15 minutes and still not be seen. 17 August 14

- Reality of a major decline in sponsor support that has subconsciously added stress. August 2014

-Stolen money from the school and after finding out who stole the money and the reasoning why added a new level of disappointment. 24 July 14

-Frustration with people keeping time; I understand it’s Africa and we just move along but when others are waiting on you and you show up 35 minutes late smiling and laughing as if there’s no problem-it becomes annoying and disrespectful. 23 July 14

-A tooth that keeps breaking and hurts-uggg a crown is looking to be the inevitable solution, which is costly no matter the country. 14 July 14

-June newsletter, yet not done. 5 July 2014
-Forgetting to invite some key people to Family Games Day. 5 July 2014
-Not having a simple, let’s exchange insurance info and not stand around for an hour plus to figure out how much money you want from a fender bender. I’m fine and our car is fine. 5 July 2014

-Charlie horses and cramping hands and things. Would have much rather had fireworks for the 4th. 4 July 2014
-Getting sick at the 4th of July party
-Dirty floors, because the landlords house help didn’t answer the gate for the other lady to come in an clean. brgggg 4 July 2014
and missing out on the blue cake with the American flag icing. 4 July 2014
-My teacher friend being gone for the entire summer break to the US-bitter/sweet/ 4 July 2014
-Roaches. They make me sick. They make my skin crawl. I hate that they are all over the place in all different sizes. URGGGGGGGGGGGG DOOM and HIT bug spray, to the rescue. July 2014
-A-1 sauce, not as great after all. 3 July 2014
-My friends suffering a miscarriage. 1 July 2014
-Feeling overwhelmed. June 30, 2014

-Having to stand as a wall between and mom and teenage girl as horrible names were shouted at the girl after she was sexually assaulted. May 2014

-Being told to “work on your sloppy English” in order to be one of the news/announcement people for church 27 April 2014

-Being told “you’re fat” when attending a wedding with the recovery line of but that’s a good thing in Africa. 26 April 2014


-Taxi’s have gone on strike, well at least from 9am to late evening.  My teachers told me that they have to work a few hours to make enough money for lunch and I guess dinner. lol. The drivers in my area are striking because the city moved their central hub to a location that is not central and the move is believed to be on property owned by a government official trying to make extra money and trying to sway customers to a new market.   The strike means spending more money for boda transport for me and it means and additional hour walk for a few of my teachers to get to and from work.  Let’s pray that it ends quickly. 11 March 2014


-Termite book buffet. They suck and they eat through books but thankfully haven’t destroyed the book shelf at this point.  Did you know they live under ant hills and come up through the ground?  Well that’s what the exterminator told me. 5 March 2014

termite aftermath

-Nasty, nasty after stench from the exterminator spray. 6 March 2014


-A week of teachers being out due to sick children in the hospital. Feb 24-28

-The heat in Adjumoni, after being there, it’s no way I want to die and go to heal.  I could have taken a bath in my own sweat. 24 Feb 14


-sick kids with hernias, vomiting, and convulsions. 14 Feb 14

-still sensitivity in my root canal tooth-boo 12 Feb 14


-Dry season and melting, melting, melting away. Feb 14


-Finding out that two of the kids will not be returning to DOORS after we’ve invested much time in trying to get them up to speed.  Unfortunately their mother looks for the easiest way to not have to deal with her kids and is forever giving me one excuse or another.  I’m sad to see one of them go because she’d come so far an I’m hoping she and her brother will actually attend school on a daily basis so they can perform well. 5 Feb 14


-Bleach in the mouth to help kill the infection from my tooth root. Let’s just say it hit me in the back of the throat and HORRIBLE, which I pointed out to the dentist and now step 2 of 3 is done-one more to go. 21 January 14


-as much as I love the dentist, a painful step 1 of 3 for a root canal in Africa, not a part of my life plan, which reflected in my attitude ns multiple numbing injections 15 January 15

-missing the energy that comes from doing the annual MLK Service Day project and the celebration and recognition of Dr. King. 15 January 2014

-waiting at a dentist office in the center of town for 3.5 hours for an x-ray and consultation 14 January 14

-having a crappy day of waiting and folks trying to overcharge me for avocados-hello, I can do simple math, if the price is 200 each then 3 avocados a lemon and a green pepper do NOT add up to 1500 or 5000-American not stupid.  What will I do when I return to the states and can no longer get big, fresh avocados for 25-50 cents? 14 January 15, 2014


-Still being awake at 5:49 am. 1 January 2014

-Judgements of others. 31 December 2013


-My laptop continuing to shut down whenever it feels like it and me not having any of my things backed up to an external hard drive. Just praying that the guy can fix it on Wednesday without a crazy price or lots of down time-the laptop is my connection to the world and my TV as well. EEEK 30 December 2013

-Poor, poor, poor blog management. November/December 2013

-Having a cold that not only brought a junk cough but has also taken my voice for almost 4 days, although I still strain to talk like a mouse, creepy whisperer, or odd man. 29 November 2013

-Having to tell the boy I was moving out and to then have to see the sad faces and answer all the questions. 22 November 2013


-Sadness as I came home knowing it was my last meal with the WI folks, who are America bound tonight. 3 November 13

-The devil placing feelings of regret in my head over silly things. 3 November 13

-Having a parent report that her 1st grader is being bullied by another 1st grader (stealing snacks on the way to school and even stealing school fee money)  What makes it worse is the mom tried to speak with the other mom only to get  no results meaning I have to do some parent meetings with a parent who really cares and one who really cares less (being that I’ve had result-less past talks)  1 November 13

-Being told that I was making too big a deal out of my visitors coming to the school.  1 November  13

-Not fully having all the cultural differences down, as my teachers sat in a room waiting for me to introduce them to the visitors because they said it is rude for them to introduce themselves. 1 November  13

-dinners being served between 10-11pm. 28 October 13

-Sickness attacking the teachers. 17 October 13

-One of my teachers being out with what he thought was asthma but turned out to be malaria. Thankfully he is improving but still needs a few days of rest.  He did however come after a week to give more notes for the substitute teachers to use-which I thought was pretty selfless. 23 September 13

-not being prepared for an ENTIRE day of attending a wedding, meaning I left home at 10:30am and returned at 10 pm. 21 September 13

-hour long traffic jam when trying to leave the wedding event.  21 September 13

-not knowing the amount of minutes left when you hear the cell phone beep on an international call. I did get to talk to three of my friends although MDC got the whoomp mid-sentence disconnect-sorry we’ll try again on Thursday.  15 September 13

-To hear Lungandan complaints and see frowned faces after Buying pizza for the entire school staff as a thank you their hard work last term and as a way to have a different lunch, since there are generally complaints about the lunch always being the same. Very disappointing as I reminded myself that the thought came from a really good place, especially after wanting to say –That’s my money you’re complaining about.  Needless to say, the introduction of pizza to my staff is not on my  win list. Interesting enough one of the very complainers had the nerve to come and ask me if there was any more pizza left-NOPE!!! 10 September 13

-creepy man in the steam room asking the Ugandan lady in the steam room to give him a personal massage. 4 September 13

-dinner in the village being served at 1:10 am., I guess the Waffle House of Uganda with rice and meat. 2 September 13

-/+realizing that as much as I have grown, there is still so much more room for growth and learning. 2 September 13

-and the same old story of not knowing Luganda enough to communicate without being insulting. 2 September 13

-not being motivated to write blogs or communicate-sorry August 13

-baby ants in my bed-where are these jokers coming from?  And yes Sylvia, I have gotten used to bugs on me but urgg-these things are annoying. 14 Aug 13

-blog failure since the Ugandaversary and things have been happening, I just haven’t put my fingers to the keyboard-sorry folks 10 Aug 13

-Phone issues-AGAIN.  My phone has locked itself, I think there might be some moisture. Hopefully sticking it in some rice will help remove any moisture and have me back in operation by Monday. 10 Aug 2013

-So many staff and kids with malaria, one close to the point of death showing at least 50 bacteria on the slide when the average high is 10. Thankfully she made it to the hospital, just in time. aug 10 2013

-The s and space bar keys that now stick on my laptop 9 Aug 13

-Yet again buying bowls and spoons because in Uganda you actually eat the plate when you finish the meal, well that’s the only thing I can guess as I just bought enough bowls for the house just in April-brggggg I again had the conversation with the boys AND adults of the house to remind everyone that bowls should not be all over the yard and broken up and hidden and all that jazz.  let’s see how it goes, with round two. 10 Aug 13

-a simple fender bender turns into a 3 hour back and forth negotiation of how much each person thinks the other should pay for repairs…and yes the police were involved but what do you do when the police says,” just forgive the boy it was an accident and he has no more coins to give, just take it as a loss.”  Why thank you officer for your support in helping the taxi driver who knocked out our tail light and damaged our rear side bumper, we’ll be sure to tell the mechanic to count it as a loss.  28 July 2013

-mosquitos having a buffet style family reunion on my arm during the night. 27 July 2013

-the super yucks compounded by meds that need to be taken with milk or the Ugandan drinking yogurt (yogurt in a bag with a straw) 26 July 2013

-a growing waistline thanks to only 1 day of exercise since my US return and this week having great meals and desserts each day. 24 July 2013

-invasion of tiny ants in the bathroom and realizing that they’d gotten all over my towel; after I dried with my towel 23 July 2013

-teachers asking me for papers to write their CV today when the revised documents were due 19 July. 23 July 2013

-revolving floors make the ground and your legs both feel a bit funny 12 July 2013

-being probably 1 of the 3 people at a packed worship night who doesn’t really understand Luganda, meaning that I was sitting with the church ushers as everyone else moved outside 11 July 2013

-what a bad week to not charge my camera and for the phone on my camera to act crazy with the uploads; worship night, bowling, fancy appearance desserts (I always say PRESENTATION is EVERYTHING) 8 july 13

-broken skin on an ant bite makes for a yucky healing process week of July 8

-reaching the district teacher conference at 8:25 am for the 8am start (which was actually registration) to find the committee still handing out shirts to committee staff and moving tents and just sitting up the chairs.  Needless to say, I asked if we could have at least one free registration because we were on time.  the response-“eey, well the committee hasn’t talked about that but you know this is Africa.”  Africa everything doesn’t have to be late. 5 July 2013

-Conference lunch lines that eventually turned from lines to folks pushing which translates into AMJ leaving the line and not getting food.  Can’t do pushing or people all up on me, not even for a 2:30pm Ugandan lunch-nope-nope. 5 July 2013

-kids excited to get 61’s on exams.  I understand that it means they have improved but I’m still working to have 80 be the minimum standard. 3 July 2013

-going to the salon to get my hair done, only to have the lady stop in the middle and completely twist another person’s hair, and then me needing to still do work on my own head while sitting in the chair. 2 July 2013

-must be a sinus cold with the runny nose, stuffy head, watery eyes, stuffed ears, and head pain.  Three days is enough. 1 July 13

-bank transfers not coming in a timely manner in order to make payroll on time.  The first time that we’ve had to be late paying staff-tough news to share at staff meeting but the irony was the staff presented multiple issues that concerned financing and wanting more money, then I broke the news that Friday would not be payday. 28 June 13

-My continual struggle to balance the appropriate amount of sharing with staff from the smallest things of menu changes to the largest of things of staff title changes.  Sometimes folks over hear parts of conversations that create ‘pockets’ of chatter.  Aren’t I fortunate that they always want to point this out to me. 28 June 13

-Summer cold or allergies; stuffy nose, watering eyes-urgh. 27 June 2013

-DOORS donations at a low as people take summer vacations and make fewer donations.  Praying that folks remember DOORS donations. 27 June 2013

-Being a week away for the midterm point and not yet having a single one-on-one. 25 June 13

-broken tooth 20 June 13

-a small, constant headache for the week, could it be that dust has the same effects as pollen? week of June 17

-having to dismiss a staff member, it’s never an easy task but it got me to see the glassy eyes but no words coming from the mouth to refute the words I was saying. 14 June 2013

-failing to let go of things that the Lord and others have released me from.  That nasty devil just tries to make us live in a world of past mistakes.  11 June 2013

-trying to do a late night work date but the internet was not in agreement so a late night of catching up on my Bible study lessons since I was a week behind 9 June 2013

-my first return visit to the pork joint and my meat was too tough-saddddd face 3 June 13

-London holding true to its nature of being rainy and cold-#fail on not having a jacket in my carry on. 28 May 13

-Heathrow personnel having a serious grip on trying to say the carryon luggage could not work for the British Airline flight-when it was the same exact luggage I had on the British Airline flight from DC to London.  I hadn’t added a single thing. 28 May 13

-really? Did I just lose all the pics added to the blog-arggggggggg-still awake at 2:20 am, guess that’s what happens but at least there;s music from the club down the block. haven’t heard these songs in weeks. Positive thoughts—2 June 13

-mosquito bites 1 June 13

-smelly cats and cat hair everywhere 1 June 13

-rained out at the pool after 30 minutes 31 May 13

-forgetting saltine crackers and the external hard drive 30 May 13

-unpacking————brgggg 30 May 13

-jetlag 30 May 13

-Really, did one full Sunday of stilettos really make my calves sore-heavens no, let e pack some for the Uganda return 19 May 2013

-gaining 9 pounds in 9 days-eeeekkk I’m increasing darn slurpees and homemade foods and desserts 20 May 2013

-Spring allergies-thump, thump, thump goes the head, that completely slipped my mind as an American memory 10 May 2013

-Rainy season following me to the states with an added touch of cold 7 May 2013

-Rainy season following me from Uganda to the US to be accompanied by coldness.  Hello how will I ever wear my new African clothing. 8 May 2013

-having to handle several situations of parental abuse this week both verbal and physical. 26 April 2013

-A touch of guilt for leaving school to go for a visit to the US, especially after the sad faces given to me by my staff. 26 April 2013

-The loads of forms needed to open up a bank account for DOORS. Should it really be a process of three visits? 25 April 2013

-Alena leaving for the states, hopefully she’ll be back in the fall but thankfully she has agreed to be the sponsorship director, which is a MUCH needed position with great needs indeed for sponsors. 25 April 2013

-What is up with this nail biting-urg. All month April

-NO receipt for the work permit papers. Winnie said she would have it tomorrow and pass it along to Denis, who referred to me as his ‘sweetheart’ when he was trying to get my papers included on the Wednesday agenda for approvals.  Please, please, please be approved on Wednesday and not be lost-please.18 April 2013

-no success for me on shopping for tire sandals.  Yes actual tires have been cut and used to make sandals but you know I have a specific look that I want-even in the best use of old, worn tires now turned shoes. 18 April 2013

-Serving as a mosquito buffet while sitting at the Kinko’s. Isaac Newton can you please hurry with my papers or find me some bug spray because mine is sitting right onmy bed in a Ziploc bag. 16 April 2013

-The on again, off again art show for the school.  A city art gallery/café’ asked to display some of the artwork from our kids weekly art classes, unfortunately we’ve now been back and forth with several dates that have not happened.  Let’s see if May will really work????  16 April 2013

-Missing Relay for Life; the fundraising (although I now fundraise for my own life’s sustainability-lol), the opening laps, luminaria ceremony, the community support for such a tremendous cause, and the random hours of walking laps with Hob, students, and Discover the Cure team members.  Although I don’t have a page or goal I would ask that you support Longwood University’s Relay for Life (April 19-20), even if it’s as simple as a $10 luminaria to honor or remember someone.  Still supporting from a few miles away.

-Procrastination. 9 April 2013

-Hikes in the cold rain in a trying to be fashionable sundress. 8 April 2013

-Bats in the cave. 8 April 2013



-So much mud that the inside and outside of my Teva sandals had about the same amount of mud, causing much slipping and sliding. 7 April 2013


-Falling for the overcharge to unlock my new US cell phone.  So frustrated that my excitement and desire to have a working phone blocked my senses of negotiation and now I have paid far TOO much. URG. Let’s see what happens when I go back to confront the guy.  April 2

-Mallory in the States for 2 months. April 2, 2013

-The continued food struggle.

-Having less than a 24 hour notice that I needed to resubmit all work permit papers because they were nowhere to be found at Internal Affairs.  Hmmm could this be because I was told the receipt of the papers was not recorded because the guy felt I was being a disturbance that day? Yep exact words from a government official, somewhat of an unexpected honesty there. March 21, 2013

-Fail on my chicken noodle soup.  American bouillon cubes are missed.  18 March 2013

-Not even thinking to look for community events on Women’s Day until after my deep sea salt massage and while sitting at the beauty salon under the dryer.  Gotta keep my game up on these public holiday events, I missed out on a fashion show and a few other things at the Women’s Day Festival. 8 March 2013

-I split my uniform pants when I was squatting to speak with a Nursery child-brgg 13 March 2013

-Leaving my laptop charger at the school, a place without electricity. Smh 7 March 2013 o.k. or waking up to find the charger in my purse.

-Wearing all black on a day when I help move sacks of posha (white millet flour) and when the dust has kicked up to make my black shoes and feet look like a good ole dirty brown.7 March 2013

-Grey hairs taking a front row seat at the front of my hairline. To color my roots or not to color?  The black and grey good a good representation of how much my hair has grown???7 March 2013

-Waiting and waiting and waiting for hours only to be told that Ugandans don’t keep time well but if they knew we were Americans they would have done a better job. 7 March 2013

-Hearing that some of my friends and staff have recently had death in their immediate families. 6 March 2013

-Paying for my wanna-be-slurpee (because it’s a pay before they pour your drink at the convenience section on the outside of the gas station) only for the strawberry not to be frozen and no I can NOT do a banana or chocolate wanna be slurpee. 5 March 2013

-Malnourished and hungry children, especially when they are more than just a face on tv or a magazine cover. 4 March 2013

-Realizing I’m way past due on blog updates.  Sorry it’s just been a touch busy. 1 March 2013

-Hours at the hospital with a malnourished child but thankfully this international hospital was so much nicer than my last child hospital visit.  26 Feb. 2013

-Meetings about inequality in meal portion sizes for staff-are you kidding me right now.  Do I need to hand out cups to? 26 Feb. 2013

-The fake out with my internet stick.  If you’re broken be broken but don’t pretend to work at the store and then do nothing at home, after 5 trips and transport back and forth for service. URGGGGGGGGGGG Oh thank goodness for borrowed roommate time. 14 February 2013

-Sitting in the office with toilet paper stuck up my nose-cause I’m classy like that. 13 February 2013

-An internet stick that still doesn’t want to cooperate. 12 Feb 2013

-Nasal congestion. 12 Feb 2013

-Thinking we were completely set with tables, benches, and school needs after the first three weeks but not so. 12 Feb 2013

-Forgetting to take pics of the cowboy boots and the new school improvements. 12 February 2013

-An internet stick that has the shakes and keeps disconnecting.  If only the technician decided to come to work on Saturday when I travelled downtown to see him-ummmm 9 Feb 2013

-losing my phone and the 600+ contacts, 300+ pictures, and the convenience of having a notepad, flashlight,  and Bible right at my fingertips at all times- oh technology-super sad face .  Oh trying to learn how to use a simple phone.  Brgg Please email me your number-jacksonangelam@hotmail.com-yes you reading this right now, yes I might call you from Uganda but I’ll surely need your number to text you when I return to the states. 6 Feb 2013

-The heat continues—I’m melting and tanning all at the same time. 27 January 2013

-The carpenter not having all our furniture ready by my Friday deadline nor his stated completion of 4 on Sunday. 27 January 2013

-Think we need a car battery.  The car was a no go on starting this afternoon but thankfully we were at the school and had a mechanic come with his jumper battery for a $2 jump… and nope I surely wouldn’t cut the car off until we got home.  27 January 2013

-Teachers not having the school completely set for the first day.  Hello it’s opening, Monday is not the time to be moving things or hanging things.  26 January 2013

-I think I got rid of one mouse but now his brother has come to give me the jumps as he dashed out of my closet.  So no the cat is yet not earning his keep, and the little poison blocks make me question their powers but I can feel some traps in my future because I cannot be jumping at every shadow or movement I see.  22 January 2013

-Staff drama always wants to show its head when I’m out for the day.  Bitter-sweet as it maybe, I’d had some experience with conflict management and staff issues.  Not the first time in that game, just a new venue location, where the pro team is acting like the t-ball team…and yep non-baseball Angela used a baseball reference.  22 January 2013

-Procrastination should not be in my top 10 friend list. 22 January 2013

-Balance sheets not balancing.  Just step away and return later with some extra prayers added to figuring it all out. 20 January 2013

-A cooler day but still melting from the heat, especially during the night. 20 January 2013

– Still waiting on my priority, guaranteed ‘before Christmas 2012’ box with Christmas gifts.  WHERE IS MY POSTAL UGANDA? 17 January 2013

–Realizing I’ve had the first fail on blogging at least every 7 days-boo but I have been blogging in my head almost every day-did you read them? Lol 17 January

–Yes I do realize that I live in Africa but still, it’s so hot that I’m melting. 17 January 2013

— Stuffy nose. 17 January 2013

–A full morning of waiting, moving to different offices, chatting, and passing cash to help push my work permit.  Pray-pray-pray. 17 January 2013

–Procrastination-not good. 14 January 2013

– News that one of our boys may not be coming back to the house because he supposedly “is tired of schooling and wants to get a job” and unfortunately we’re having a hard time getting a straight answer between him and his family; his this his choice or is it the choice of family that don’t realize the value of an education?  More prayers needed here-finding a job and supporting yourself at 14 is not at the top of The Best Life Decisions list.  14 January 2013

–          Bedbugs at school and no Steritech people, Doug Howell, or Alan Mason/Aramark to call for an allover spraying.  8 January 2013

-Folks still living in the newly rented school space.  They were supposed to be gone by Nov. 30 then Dec. 7 then Jan.1 and now by today.  We’ll see what’s still remaining in the morning because this process is going polone polone (slowly slowly.) 8 January 2013 Well the guy and his family still remain on 10 January and have asked for yet another extension until Saturday.  Surprisingly I have yet to snap and I’ve been so kind in my response of ‘no, you had more than enough extensions.”  What makes the situation worse. the landlord and the extended tennants are siblings and they both keep saying what the other didn’t communicate.  I’ve said Friday and that’s it but we will see because their place is yet FULL of stuff that’s just shifted rooms.


-Increased population of bugs-urggg gaint ants and mosquitos. All week-January 2013.


-Power outages as soon as the sun goes down and for consecutive nights. 6/7 January 2013


-A laptop battery life of only 3 hours at full charge. January 2013


-Hearing that one of our Nursery students has three holes in her heart and seeing the stress on the mom’s face as she tries to figure out a way to get the money ($1200) for the surgery needed.  7 January 2013


-“I almost didn’t know who you were, you got big over the holiday.”  And a big welcome back to you lower primary teacher.  When I asked the other teachers if they agreed one of the guys said,” I will choose to say nothing” and another said “somehow”, which both mean agreement.  Oh Insanity video, I guess using you one time over the holiday really didn’t count that much. LoL 7 January 2013


-Postal shipping rates.  I love being loved but I hate that the postal service 1. Promises expedited services and 2. Charges an arm, 3 fingers, a leg, and blood from your first born, for promises they cannot keep.  Some of you should go into the shipping business; there is clearly money to be made.  6 January 2013


-A mouse in the house. Hello Griffin (the cat) can you get on your job post and stop lying around on the bed sun bathing and stealing my grilled meat.  Get the freshest of fresh-you’re a cat. 6 January 2013

-Waiting, on people for meetings, appointments just to hang out.  Waiting on packages and beauticians.  Waiting.  The thing is Mallory was the person praying for patience and kindness and I think the tests of prayers are coming my way.  Thankfully I took my laptop along so the salon wait is helping me to multitask.  5 January 2013

-Feelings hurt when I was told that the office supply store has been more than doubling the price of certain items because I (a muzungu) went on the first purchasing trip so they knew we had or could get money.  I honestly wasn’t as angry as one would expect, just sincerely hurt that although my skin looks just like the people in the store, the fact that my accent is different now gives way to a new means of being discriminated against.  Who would have thought and I’m sure this is what the folks at the store will say when I go to politely tell them that I’ve been offended by their actions and that I would like to have the past products that we’ve paid for.   4 January 2013

-Sneezing and a runny nose in January but in a place that is hot and sunny in January. 4 January 2013

-Not accomplishing as much on my holiday To Do List as needed.  4 January 2013

-Lack of understanding of customer service.  3 January 2013

-I believe men are very free with sexiest comments here, and never even realize what they’ve said.  This was again pointed out to me as the postal worker asked ‘how are you going to carry this? Did you bring someone with you?’  I found it interesting that women fetch and carry jerry cans of water (25-35lbs) on their head multiple times a day but yet it was questioned how I would carry a box that was hardly 10 pounds.  I reminded him of the jerry can ability and that I would carry the box the same way he had carried the box. 3 January 2013

-One of the boys not following directions and returning to the house before the 6 January return date because he was ‘bored.’  Having to enforce the rules and say that he has to return to the village because no one will be around the house to be responsible for him. 30 December 2012

-Falling down the stairs this morning and facing pain that requires pills, rub, and a hot water bottle.  Makes for slow walking, standing, sitting, or any kind of movement for that matter.  30 December 2012

-Knowing that I have mail but not being able to receive it due to “procedures” i.e. we’re closing early on Christmas Eve and don’t want to start sorting the international shipments.  I now have high expectations for multiple boxes-say a little prayer. 24 December 2012

-Heavy down pours washing out beach plans. 23 December 2012


-The cat stealing my bag of dinner-grilled goat meat- thankfully I caught him before dinner consumption took place. 23 December 2012


-Realizing the holiday break is going by much faster than I thought and I still have so much to do. 23 December 2012


-Still more paperwork needed for my work Visa. 22 December 2012


-Folks failing to call with cancellations of changed plans, which means I spent much time waiting. December 2012

-One of our boys having a tooth ache for days that has caused tears, headaches, and the inability to eat much. Pray that I can get him in for an emergency appointment. 16 December 2012

– Thinking the 4pack AA Duracell batteries for 5,000 ($2) would actually work-Not so and thus no pictures of the Miami Sand Beach sign nor any other pics of the day or the ability to upload what I had from this week.  Note to self:  Rechargeable batteries-check them out. 16 December 2012

-Waiting for phone calls, text replies, and visitors only to have responses 3 hours to 3 days later. Hmmm not cool, even if it is tied to cultural difference. Not cool. 15 December 2012

-Off brand batteries that last long enough to take 10-20 pictures but not long enough to last for an upload to my laptop. Duracell you really are the real deal, best battery for my camera. 13 December 2012

-Package waiting for The Utzinger’s and The Richardson’s. Come on Uganda Postal, you can do it-just put the slip in my box. I believe in you and I know you and your Priority mail counter parts surely want me to have my things.  I promise I will be kind on the pick-up and I’ll take great care of the package contents, even sharing with others. Thank you 13 December 2012

-Staff disagreements but thankfully I work with a Christian based organization and school, so there is no problem in me saying “enough. Be quiet. Let’s pray and then you go and fast and pray before you return next year.”   Although one of the staff became upset to the point of making herself sick, the upside was a visit to the hospital which determined a disease that causes ulcers and an infection in the blood stream, this most likely gone unattended during the holiday break. 13 December 2012

-Gaining some of my decreased pounds, now that I’ve been cooking more American food on the hot plate.  Gotta restart with Insanity or back off the hot plate. 9 December 9, 2012

-Getting an invitation on Sunday to go to the village, on Tuesday, for the week-SERIOUSLY? brgg 9 December 2012

-Having my face break out like a middle school girl after my time helping dig in the new pit latrine hole. 6 December 2012


blog_flats_laceup.jpg-24 hour headache. 1 December 1, 2012

blog_flats_laceup.jpg-Roommates leaving to return to the states; Sydney in 12 days for good and Mallory in 21 days for a month visit.  From 9 people my first week down to 2. 1 December 2012

blog_flats_yellow.jpg – Missing the thrill of searching the Black Friday ads, making a plan of attack with my girlfriends, and going out with all the mad shoppers, even if it is only for a few small items. 22 November 2012

blog_flats_pink.jpg- No 7-Up jello salad, a Jackson holiday staple only served for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 22 November  2012

-Rodents. The cat had a mouse for breakfast on yesterday and this morning the boys killed a rat outside their latrine this morning.  Sadly enough the rat was almost bigger than our too thin puppies.  EEEEEKKKKKKKKK 13 November 2012


-Time moving so fast and my body needing a little seasonal change to keep up with the pace.  My mind doesn’t know every day-sunny Novembers. 12 November 2012

-Being told by several people that I need to wear flat shoes (potentially sneakers) to help with the unknown swelling in my left ankle-sad face because my mission shoes are flat for me (with a slight wedge for AMJness) and I have a little kankle action happening. Don’t they realize flats-symbollize lows. Hello. 12 November 2012

-Lack of blogging inspiration and when I finally get something together I’m redirected from my page to some hippie page-brgggalala. 6 November 2012

-Feeling that so much time was wasted in just waiting today. I need to learn to value and appreciate what the wait may have to offer. 5 November 2012

-Notices from not 1 but 2 teachers, saying they will not be able to complete the remainder of the term due to outside circumstances and if you’re counting then yes that is a total of 3 down, with 18 days in the term to go. Praying, praying, praying- I know we can, I know we can but Lord give us strength. 5 November 2012

-School lunch not being prepared on time the past 3 days. 31 October 31, 2012

-A reduced home with Katie and Brenna returning to the US. 30 October 2012

-Making a poor decision to use open unrefrigerated mayonnaise :( stomach pains. 30 October 2012

-Power on and off on Sunday evening and NO running water this morning-not so fresh and so clean. 29 October 2012

-The third time was not a charm on getting my special pass approved while I apply for my work permit.  Maybe the 2nd third time will work.  29 October 2012

-Time moving too quickly, it’s already been 3 months and I still have so much to do and see. 29 October 2012

-Being called “one of the Whites” two days in a row.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like ‘The Whites’ and many of you reading this blog can cosign on that as you are white or you’re black and know that I have many white friends, LOL. But in all seriousness when I think of all the many people who fought, lost life and limb to be recognized and stand as a strong Black race and people it troubles me to know that my Black American culture is not realized or recognized by so many, even in the Motherland.  The best statement “she looks like us but she’s really one of  The Whites.” 28 October 28, 2012

-Noticing all the sexiest comments and stereotypes that happen; from women eat ‘soft’ foods like irish (potatoes) and men eat strong food like cassava or women eating the fish head an gills because it is sweeter than the tail, which the man eats. Or the statement that women should not be singing love songs, especially if they don’t know the Luganda language that well.  28 October 2012

-Going to the Owino market and having rain water from the trap roof dumped down my face and clothes. Urggg. Let me give you a quick description of Owino-a huge market place that runs for blocks and has any and everything; food, new and used clothes and accessories, shoes, towels, sheets, pots, pans simply the Wal-mart or Mall of Uganda type place but the rows are tight and go from dirt to wood planks and the ceiling/roof is a combination of some sheets of metal but primarily trap roofs and siding.  The ‘structure’ allows for sun sun, wind, and rain to enter. The fact that I was standing next to someone who completely was missed by the water is something I don’t understand  but what topped the water in my face was being laughed at by a number of Ugandans in the market who saw the not so pretty facial expression and response, which was UGLY. 28 October 2012

-Meeting on a public holiday that lasted four hours while sitting on Nursery size forms (benches) but finding the teachable moment for that time; observing the gift of mediation and Ugandan communication language for meetings. 26 October 2012

-Three hours of back to back meetings on staff issues/concerns.  23 October 2012

-Having to talk to the parent of a 5 year old about the fact that their child was seen drinking beer and came to school drunk.  How does one say that without seeming rude?  22 October 2012

-Forgetting to bring my camera to the slums to capture a little naked boy covered in charcoal dust from nose to knees. 22 October 2012

-Leg pain from wearing heels after only wearing flats for the past 3 weeks. AHHHHHHHHHHH, it can’t be, I have to practice walking around the house in heels. You are the shoes you wear-lol 21 October 2012

-October heat wave… yes I know it’s Africa but it’s been HOT these past few days. 21 October 2012

-Wasted time with regrets about things that are too simple and silly to even be on a worry list-lesson see the opportunities even in the small things; act and take advantage of every moment.  The Lord helps, even on the smallest of thing, if I actually listen-who would have thunk it. 21 October 2012

-Reports of staff drama, people are people no matter where on the globe you live. 20 October 2012

-Walking through the slums and getting fresh fish juices splashed all over my arm as the fish guy chops his products. Eewww 17 October 17, 2012

-Kids having too much responsibility.

  • I was told that the dad leaves for work by 6:30 a.m. and the mom who list her occupation as a housewife, leaves the home before the kids go to school, so the children should know that they need to get up and be at school by 8 a.m.
  • Having a stepmom come to meet me after her stepson has missed THREE weeks of school because he would leave the house and go to the video hall, and stayed away from home for at least 2 night without anyone knowing where he was.
  • Explaining that I don’t think caining is the best option to make kids come to school, especially when I think more than caining is happening as a regular form of punishment for multiple things going on in the household. 17 October 2012

-Being hurt and utterly disappointed when one of the kids I really like bold facedly lied in my face about missing school.  From adult to 3rd grader I openly said “I am hurt and completely disappointed in you.” Not the way I wanted to start my Monday. 15 October 2012

-Having the Asian women at the American Embassy in Uganda not be so helpful or friendly.  I think she may have formerly worked at the DMV or was at least practicing for a position there.   I know, not fair.  I understand some of you have friends and relatives that work at the DMV but surely you have made jokes about their service too, right? 15 October 2012

-Funky acting internet that has delayed blog posts. 14 October 2012

-Infected spider bites on a students’ face.  Thankfully he came to school to see if we could help him get treatment after the free government clinic said they had no medicine for his bite.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  10 October 2012


-Postal Uganda text messaging system not sending the message that I had four pieces of mail that actually arrived before my birthday but at least it gives more days of birthday celebration. 10 October 2012

-Ugandans not knowing how to form a line for entering or exiting venues where there are large amounts of people.  After holding my cross body bag with one hand and holding my other hand to guard the phone in my pocket, I decided not to continue entering the Independence Day festival of jammed people and multiple pick pocketers.  One stepped on foot too many and excessive shoves to the front, back, and both sides-eeeek 9 October 2012

-Military staff using long sticks to get people to move from areas where they did not want human ‘parking’, i.e. standing, sitting, or stopping.  Why would they stick bother me?  Well because they we hitting people; young, old, whomever with the stick.  Thankfully I avoided the stick hits and you reading about my jail house blog post because I surely would have gone off. 9 October 2012

-News that two of my dear Longwood friends and colleagues both lost a parent this week.  Praying for and thinking about the Robertson and Carr families. 9 October 2012

-Plans not working out the way I set them up. 8 October 2012

-Missing my best festival attendance partners, MDC and DCook2.  It’s just odd walking the Bayimba Festival and then the International Trade Fair without either with me or at least texting me that they are in route. 8 October 2012



-Up at 3 a.m. still hacking even after the horribly tasting Lung Tonic. Not the way I planned to start the birthday.  8 October 2012


-Not knowing the protocol for gifts on visitation day. 7 October 2012

-Tripping on the sidewalk and breaking my new sandals only to walk to two cobblers’ to find them closed-booooo but thumbs up for using my skills and resources to do a home repair myself.  6 October 2012


-A persistent cat who jumps threw the window not once but twice, in order to get back in the house.  5 October 2012

-Not being at the school when the inspectors came but thankful that my staff was able to handle the situation, especially since the majority of comments are things that I have in the works or things that I had already told staff they needed to do. Yep-that’s right I might be new to the culture but I still know a little something about management and supervision. 4 October 2012

-Tough staff conversations even in a land of directness.  2 October 2012

-Cell service providers being unhelpful in every land and language and yep, you got it, I will be sending an email to voice my complaint with the unacceptable customer service response.  After the rep respond with a “I can’t do anything, sorry for our ignorance” he then disregarded my presence and started talking to the next customer. 2 October 2012

-Having my African print wedding dress fabric shot down because” it needs to be a party dress, don’t come anywhere near us with this type of fabric and dress.” 30 September 2012

-Not getting any work accomplished this weekend so much to overcome this week. 30 September 2012

-Birhtday planning without some of my key people to take part inthe celbration.  30 September 2012

-Nursery kids thinking it’s funny to run away from me rather than coming when I call-Dude I’m trying to keep you safe-this is not a game.  Do you see my stern face? 27 September 2012

-New shoe blister. 27 September 2012

-Two plus hour meetings for the past two days where I had communicated all the information last month and another 60% had been covered the day before. The daily meetings and time reminded me of RCL staff followed by RCL Central office meetings.  26 September 2012

-Waiting 25 minutes for hummus to go and expecting it to taste soewhat like Longwood’s dhall which it did not. 25 September 2012

-Coming home after a great dinner to find cat crap and pee in my bed. 24 September 2012

-Having two Ugandan girls rave about how cute and beautiful White American and Black American babies and children are while they feel that the majority of Ugandan children aren’t cute.  Painful to hear and see the inability to see and accept the beauty that is uniquely given to each and every one of us. 24 September 24, 2012

-One of the teachers has to resign from the term because of other academic commitments. Brrrrggg the final term schedule is yet again not final and I need a Uganda Social Studies teacher. Any takers? 23 September 2012

-Having a teacher say that I don’t have a zeal for learning Luganda-dude, ok, so I need to try harder but then being told by another that’s it’s only been two months and they can tell I pick up on a number of things in Luganda conversation. 23 September 2012

-Having a Runny nose and a cough. 15-Sept-12

-Rainy season is here, so it generally rains at least one time during the day and this week two of those times were on my boda ride to work. What I would do for a motorcycle or long yellow rain slicker. 14-Sept-2012

-Someone taking over a half a bottle of children’s vitamins from the first aid bag. 14-Sept-12

-Misplaced school office key. 13-Sept-12

-Not being so successful at my first day of bead making-brggg this craft skill will need much work, especially if I plan to sell them. 07-September-2012

-Still not being able to add pics inside the blog———————07-September 2012

-Seeing broken hearts and pains of hurt in a boys eyes. 6-September-2012

-Having the boarding school boys leave on Sunday for Term 3.  I will miss their presence, their praise, and Fred’s lightning bolt dodges of my daily hugs.  It’s funny being the not so typical hugger who chases another non-hugger.  When I asked if I could visit him at school he replied with a “yes” and “you can bring sweets.”  My reply “do you mean in the form of a hug?” 3-Sept-2012

-Cold Boda rides at 6:45 am, African outfit covered with a Relay for Life jacket, hood and all.  I still don’t care that much for early mornings, no matter where I am. 3-Sept-2012

-Not being able to go to the beach tomorrow, as our boys celebrate their last few days before the term starts.  Man, openings suck away beach time no matter where you are in the world.  Price of being a grown up. 30-Aug-12

-Thinking I had given the taxi conductor the correct payment only to find out i’d over paid and then he wouldn’t give me all my money back.  Don’t fret, I did the AMJ finger right in his face and said “God doesn’t like cheaters, and you’re a cheater. I’m gonna pray for you.” 29-Aug-12

– Paying to take a boda boda to the post office only to be told that you  need a reference from a current box holder or your district council chair, 3 passport pics, a copy of your ID all before you can pay to have a rental mail box.  Are you kidding me? 29-Aug-12

-Having one of my favorite school girls cry without giving any explanation to why. 28-Aug-12 Tears have been moved away on 29-Aug-12

-The inability to get my pics to upload to the blog. I know visual learners, you’ll just have to get pics from facebook.  BRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Sorry 26-Aug-12

-Purchasing an outlet converter that still doesn’t work with a US 3 prong cord so that I can use and charge my laptop at the same time in my room. 26-Aug-12

-Procrastination 26-Aug-12

-One of the cats inside my home office. BRGGGG-I don’t like cats. 24-Aug-12

-Still one teacher short with the term starting in 5 working days. 24-Aug 12

– Failing to take pics of everyday life, hand-washing laundry, 2 hours cooking  French toast for 17 on a charcoal stove by ‘torch’ or flashlight as you would say. 23-Aug-12


-Roosters-please be informed that everyone at your address has an alarm clock with a snooze button-there is NO need for your morning call or reminders. 20-Aug-12

-Seeing the disappoint in a boys face after he goes home for the holiday to find two pad locks on the door.  Thankfully doors at DOORS are always open wide. 20-Aug-12

-Not remembering how to make the pictures smaller for the blog, but hopefully that will be corrected with an email to my staff-yep RCL folks are still my staff. 19-Aug-12

-The best somosa’s of the trip, just happen to be the smallest and most expensive.  Oh special resort restaurant prices. 19-Aug-12

-Being late for interviews and not having the same professional game as in the USA. Note to self-Step It Up. 17-Aug-12

-Teacher interviews extended one more day pushing teacher training and prep back another day. 14-Aug-12

-Not being able to fully function independently. 12-Aug 12

-Slow photo copy center with bad copies.  Double sided copies means printing and then refeeding the same page back into the copy machine, sometimes right side up and other times upside down. Man oh man who would have ever thought a Kinko’s, the Printing Center, or just the RCL copier would be something I’d wished for. 12-Aug 12

-Learning that my address does not receive mail and that the postal system is not so reliable so packages and mail are best delivered in person.  SO the upside-come visit and bring mail. 12-Aug 12

-Key piece of missing luggage. 28-July 12. BRGGG, BRGG, BRGG still MIA. I want my stuff back. 2-August 12.

-Learning how to manage the blog page.


orangeflat.jpg  Packing. Packing to move from Farmville. Packing for one year in two checked bags and a carry on. Packing-Booooooooooooooooooo

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