Feb Facts-2018

It’s funny how things work. Immediately after I sent my last update and talked of choosing my attitude it’s as if the devil challenged me to see if the ‘tude of choice would be ongoing or a fleeting moment.

From ever growing tasks lists to odd sleep patterns and major events, I had many opportunities to choose. As I look back over the month I’m sad to say some days I just became consumed and didn’t even think of my ability to choose but simply got caught up in the motions moments. But the great thing is choice happens everyday and reflection helps us grow.

Look-Mr. Mapetla was in Town


Ibra was on midterm break for a week. It was nice to have him in Uganda to help me plan,organize, balance and step away when needed, especially as the month had many events.

I love that Uganda seems to have at least one public holiday a month. This month’s holiday allowed us to be a part of the Wakanda Forever opening weekend movement. Black Panther is indeed a must see for so many reasons; the strength of black women, positive brown images on the big screen,fashion, action and so much more. Check it out if you haven’t been. 

International Dinner
I was told the international dinner is one of the most attended events of the school. Many staff mentioned that it was their favorite event. The school website promotes the event as one of the major projects for the Parent Teacher Fellowship. Needless to say I was feeling a bit of pressure as I am on the PTF committee. We didn’t have a lot of written history so I’d asked different people what numbers we should expect and got a range of 200 to 600. Hmmmmm well that wasn’t exactly the most helpful in the planning process but OK. Our team went for a target of 350. From the looks of things we had closer to 500 people with over 20 of the schools 30 countries represented. There was awesome food, entertainment and even a cultural fashion show to end the evening. Although there was tons of food I think I lost weight from all the running around but thankfully the event went well.

It’s funny because when I was working in Higher Ed I always whined about assessment stuff but even in the closing remarks I asked participants to prepare themselves to complete a survey and share feedback. My time at Rubbermaid instilled the need to always ‘Raise the Bar.’  and my personality I will always find things to improve so even before the surveys were completed I’d made my own assessment of the event only hours after it ended. I can’t include pictures of the kids, as it goes against school policy but I can direct you to follow Heritage International School Facebook page there you can see pictures from the dinner,  and to have a feel for the lovely school. (And hopefully share with your friends to apply to work with us!!)

Spirit Week

The international dinner was followed by Spirit week.   Spirit week is anther annual event in  which all the grades are split into teams having kids from every year group.  Each day the teams compete in activities that revolve around a certain theme. This years theme was a spirit of worship.  So one day the teams had to come up with a praise dance, another day they had to unscramble a hymn and sing  as the judges scored.  I was one of five judges. Each day has a dress code and every morning we start the day together with worship and competition . Of course you know I’m all down for theme dressing and I appreciated the bright colors day, African extravaganza and the best being Wacky Wednesday.

The kids put in tons of work to come up with awesome attire and it was really difficult to pick the best 3 each day. The team competition was also very close and every team was trying there best to win the pizza and ice cream parties.  It seems no matter the country pizza and ice cream are motivators. It was a great week and wonderful to see the high school students stepping up in leadership roles and really building team unity from the 4 year old team members to their age mates. Check out Facebook for photos throughout the week.


And there you have it, another full month. Another 28 days that the Lord has continued to keep me. Now on to March-a month of recruitment, interviews, March break and many opportunities to choose my attitude-prayerfully I’ll pause and opt for positive thoughts and gratitude in each moment. 

Points of Praise

-Ibra being in town and having good Valentine’s Day gifts
-The beauty of diversity and the exposure to so many different cultures. 
-Successful international dinner and spirit week
-The courts finally giving the YES to adoption for Mallory, Uriah and their SON!!! It’s been a long road.
-The parents group which prays for the school every Tuesday morning. I’ve really become friends with them and look forward to Tuesday mornings.

Places of Prayer

-Peace and comfort for a friend who lost her child 6 months into the pregnancy 
-Major changes happening within DOORS; pray for wisdom, direction and funding. I’d love for you to continue to support the work that was started here. Message me and I’ll tell you how.
-That I can have all the staff vacancies filled with solid people wanting and willing to serve at a mission school.  May 31 and done is my goal. 
-That I find personal balance, that the use my time properly prioritized and productive, that my stress levels are reduced and that I walk and speak boldly as I remember to choose my attitude

As always thanks for your constant support and encouragement.  From emails, cards, financial blessings, prayers, and even a like or thumbs up, they all make a difference.Angela M. Jackson-Mapetla
Heritage International School-HR
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Kampala, Uganda
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