DOORS exists to inspire and empower the Ugandan community by creating radical disciples of Jesus. DOORS believes that, no matter what a person’s age or background, there is always a door of hope to be opened for the poor, the lost, and the hopeless.


To awaken the wild love of Jesus by disciplining the nations.


Doors Ministries was founded in 2012 with a passion to have a ministry desperate for the Lord; walking in faith, justice, and humility; and praying for His glory to be revealed in who we are and what we do.DOORS currently runs the following programs:

Doors home:

The purpose of the DOORS home is greater than just removing boys from their lives on the street s. We welcome them into a redemptive family through spiritual guidance, education, and discipleship. We brought in ten such boys and provide three meals a day, a roof over their heads, education, discipleship, and therapeutic reconciliation for the boys with remaining family members.

Doors Primary School:

The Doors Primary School began in April of 2012, upon hearing a need for education within the Namuwongo slum. Starting with 60 children, a torn down building, and many Ugandans with a heart for the Lord; we now have nursery class to primary 6, eleven teachers, a roof over our heads, two meals a day, basic medical care, and we are flooded with joy.


Women’s Ministry:

As part of our holistic vision for the community, DOORS offers a variety of ministries for the women from any of the areas surrounding our primary school in the slums of Namuwongo. Currently, our women’s literacy program meets three days a week. Each day we teach reading, writing, and conversational English. Each meeting ends with either a Bible study or a time of music.


Jubilee Jewelry Program:

Our jewelry program provides an opportunity for women in our community to supplement their income to better support themselves and their families. Jubilee Jewelry currently consists of five different women who have been trained by our staff to make paper beads and scrap metal jewelry for the program. . DOORS collects the jewelry that each woman makes and we give it to our jewelry partners in the United States to sell so that all profits go towards maintaining Jubilee Jewelry and other DOORS programs.

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